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Silhillians rugby crest

We are always looking for ways to help in the community and am pleased to announce that we are proud to support the Silhillians Minis and Junior Rugby Festival being held at their ground on the 14th October 2012. I can remember many a rugby festival with my son and know how great they are for each and every player. We wish all the teams good luck and the best time together. If you are interested in going along, more information can be found on their website here.

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The 12th August saw the Bristol Triathlon take place at Bristol Harbourside. As some of you know, I have been training (to a degree) to take part in it to raise money for St Peter's Hospice who take care of families suffering with cancer. The training hadn't gone as well as I had hoped and felt extremely under prepared. My wife was telling me to pull out as she didn't want me having a heart attack or something! I felt very comforted by that! Still, I had said that I was going to complete the Triathlon and that was what I intended to do. It didn't matter that I hadn't swam in a wetsuit before never mind in open water or that I have never tried all three disciplines together for any length of distance.

Well, when the horn sounded I wished I had trained properly because cramp set in immediately and meant that I had to try and swim with one leg. The swim was the hardest for me and as the other racers sped off I was left behind as the steady tortoise to their hares. It did become a bit worrying that all the safety canoes followed me and kept asking if I wanted to stop for a rest! It took an age for me to get around the course and hobble out of the water. I could see my family all looking worried as I began to run to the bike area and remove my wetsuit. simon

The bike section was easier simply because I didn't have to haul my full body weight around and made full use of all the gears available. The run section I was not looking forward to. When I came in to park the bike and start running my legs felt like jelly. Still, I put one foot in front of the other and started running. Every now and again my other leg would seize up and I would have to run with a hobble but it died down eventually and allowed me to keep going. As I came round the final bend to see the finish I cannot tell you how good it felt to have completed it and to still be alive.

Still, we raised money for a good cause which will go on to help many other people and thank you to everyone who sponsored me. You can still donate on our Just Giving page to help even more. Next year I will be better prepared!

Tony Curtis from Alago Ltd at the Bristol Triathlon 2012 cycling

Tony Curtis from Alago Ltd at the Bristol Triathlon 2012


Loved by our customers - here's what they have to say

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Who’d have thought that we’d have snow in the days leading up to the Mucky Races Gauntlet – Amen for Alago heated gloves!

Ross Wishart
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Thank you for the gloves – they fit perfectly. The weather here in France has just turned chilly so they will come into their own.

A happy customer
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My Dad who is 83 loves his garden but finds his cold arthritic hands troublesome, he is absolutely thrilled with his gloves thank you!!!

A happy Dad
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Met an entrepreneur this morning who has changed my outlook on everything.

Jordan Gough
Jordan Gough Photography