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Frequently Asked Questions

Proud to be the leading innovators in the design and production of heated gloves that give you the freedom to get on with what you love

Q: What size would fit me?

Use the size guide to get an idea of which would best fit. Sizes are measured by the length across the palm from just above your thumb to the outside of the little finger.

Q: What can the gloves be used for?

The gloves can be used for a whole range of sports and leisure activities such as Rugby, Gaelic Football, American Football, Tennis, Kayaking, Cycling, Running, Golf etc. The list is almost endless. We are also bringing out a range of specialised gloves for Gardening, Commuter Cycling and Equestrian that are more suited to those activities.

Q: The heat feels like it only lasts 10 minutes, why is this?

When activated, the gloves reach a temperature of around 54 degrees and they slowly begin to loose their heat. The quickest drop is the first 10 mins where they drop to around 35 degrees. They then maintain this temperature and cool much slower. The body feels the drop after 10 mins and thinks it is cold as it had got used to the higher temperature.

There is an experiment that shows this effect where you put one hand in hot water and another in cold water for a minute and then put both hands in warm water it feels both hot and cold at the same time.

A good way to check that you still have heat is to take one glove off and leave one on. That way you can experience the heat with reference to the outside temperature.

Q: How does the heat work?

Within the back of the glove there is a thin, integrated heat pack. There are currently two types, a Click and a Micro. The Click gloves can be activated whenever you want by simply flexing the metal Activation disc inside. This will activate the Phase Change chemicals inside which will produce the heat. The Micro gloves are placed in a microwave for 15 seconds and will begin to give out that heat immediately.

Q: How do you reset the Click heated gloves?

To reset the Click heated gloves simply bring a pan of water to the boil and allow to simmer. Place the gloves back to back in the water being careful of the hot water. After around five minutes in the pan the gloves can be removed (again be careful) and dried. If the heat pack has not fully returned to a liquid simply put back in the pan for a few more minutes.

Q: How do you re-use the Micro heated gloves?

To re-use the Micro heated gloves simply place them side by side in a microwave for 15 seconds. Once the gloves have been used and the heat has gone, you can place them back in the microwave again to re-heat.

Q: How are the gloves different from battery powered gloves?

Our gloves are different in a number of ways. Firstly, they use Phase Change chemicals to generate reusable heat and not electricity. This means that they can be designed to fit better for a wide variety of sports as there are no wires or bulky battery packs. They are also different in the material used. We use high quality material such a neoprene, specialised rubber and synthetic leathers to produce a glove that gives you amazing freedom of movement and dexterity.

Q: Can people with Raynaud’s or Arthritis use them?

Yes, people with Raynaud’s and Arthritis can use them. There has been a worry about people with circulatory problems using heated gloves as it would be difficult for them to tell if they were getting too hot and burning them. However, our gloves only reach a temperature of around 54oC so will not cause overheating.

Q: Are there more types of gloves coming?

Yes, there are more gloves being designed for a wider variety of activities and also general day to day wear and spectators. Keep watching the website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with new glove releases. We also love your input on creating our gloves and have a number of simple questionnaires on our R&D page of our website. You can have your say on how our gloves should be made to make them perfect for your sport or leisure activity.

Q: Are there care instructions for the gloves?

Yes, the following care instructions cover all gloves:

  • Wash separately, some dyes may run
  • Rub with warm soapy water to remove dirt
  • Line dry or dry on radiator/in airing cupboard
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry

Q: Are the gloves safe?

The gloves are very safe. The Phase Change chemicals in the heat packs are food grade, which means that they are not harmful in any way. The temperature the gloves reach is around 54oC so should not cause any burning. However, if you microwave the gloves for more than the specified time the heat pack will become much hotter.

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