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Our technology

Each sport and activity is unique in its use of the hands and body, there are a few key aspects that ensure whatever you do you will have the best glove possible

The support

Support has always been used in high impact sports. Unfortunately, this has often had to come from external support strapping and bandages. Now, our high impact gloves have been specifically designed with leading sports physiotherapists to ensure that sports performers at every level have the strength they need.

The heat

The dexterity of the hand is hugely influenced by the temperature of the muscles and surrounding tissue. Being an extremity, the hand receives much less heat than the core body which, in colder conditions, leads to poor hand movement and performance. Our heat technology is currently being tested in University Hospitals to not only benefit the user during physiotherapy but also to aid arthritis and hand movement.

We use two types of thin heat packs integrated within our gloves. Our ‘Click’ heating contains up to an hours worth of heat and can be activated whenever you need it. This can be used again and again by easily re-setting it in hot water for five minutes. Our ‘Micro’ heating comes from using a microwave for just 15 seconds to produce up to an hours worth of heat. This can be used as many times as you need, whenever you need.

The grip

Grip can so often make the difference between success and failure in a game. Why take the risk? Our specialised high friction rubber palm found on our Ultimate gloves is designed to give the maximum grip always without the usual wear and tear of other material. Tested in the oil fields in the most challenging of environments, this rubber has proven itself time and time again where grip matters. Our unique dimpled process increases its surface area ensuring that grip is never a problem.

Our Classic grip is made using specialised textured rubber for an amazing hand-to-ball feeling like no other. This material stays grippy even in wet environments. We have designed and created our own specialised grip for our Gaelic Football gloves called ‘Flex-Grip’ which moulds around the ball and also increases its surface area when used. This grip gives such an amazing hand-to-ball felling which allows to have so much more control over the ball than other gloves allow.

A close up photograph of the cycling standard grip profile
A close up photograph of the cycling classic grip profile
A close up photograph of the cycling flex grip profile
A close up photograph of the cycling palm grip profile

The fit

A superior fit comes from outstanding design and the selection of the right materials. All of our materials have passed one of the toughest tests around in order to be considered for use within one of our gloves. Years of research and development have gone into each glove to ensure that you have never felt anything better.


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A tall man with a cycle with short tidy hair in red jacket with black shorts stood in the road

Hands are still warm after 2 hour cycle – everyone should get some Alago heated gloves!

Chris Bloomfield
USA Charity Cycle
A smiling face vector

Thank you for the gloves – they fit perfectly. The weather here in France has just turned chilly so they will come into their own.

A happy customer
A 83 year old man with gardening gloves smiling

My Dad who is 83 loves his garden but finds his cold arthritic hands troublesome, he is absolutely thrilled with his gloves thank you!!!

A happy Dad
A slim man with short tidy hair in a grey suit with a white shirt and red tie smiling

Who’d have thought that we’d have snow in the days leading up to the Mucky Races Gauntlet – Amen for Alago heated gloves!

Ross Wishart