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Gardening Glove

A full fingered glove that's light tan and green showing the front and back of the hand

Our gardening gloves are made with Amara synthetic leather for extra protection and comfort with grip rubber finger tips to aid dexterity and feeling. There are three types of glove to choose depending on your needs. Our Micro heated gloves are ideal for home and garden use where access to a microwave is easy. Simply microwave for just 15 seconds to give you up to an hours worth of heat. They can be re-used as many times as needed. The second type of glove uses Click Heating, where the glove has up to an hours worth of heat stored within it. Simply click the activator to release the heat. These are great for use on an allotment or away from home where you have no access to a microwave. The gloves can be simply re-set and used over and over again. As these gloves are designed and made to be perfect for garden use, they can also be purchased without any heat in at all. They make excellent gardening gloves on their own and will see you through the summer months with ease.

Stock information

Medium & Small Micro currently out of stock - Medium Click out of stock

To get the most out of your gloves

The gloves alone are made from great material and are suitable for use even without activating the heat. The waterproof quality of the gloves help to keep your hands dry and warm. If the heat is activated it works best if they are activated before your hands are blocks of ice. This is because it is harder to heat frozen hands than it is to maintain the heat in a warmer hand.

Sizing is also important. If they are too tight then the blood circulation will be cut off meaning that the warmed blood on the back of the hand cannot move to heat the rest of it. We offer a change of size service that allows you to exchange them for a different size at no extra cost. Simply let us know you want to exchange them, send them back and we'll get a new pair out to you.

Glove Specification

Attributes Rating
Grip * * *
Strength * * * *
Wrist Support * * *
Dexterity * * * *
Heat Type Micro / Click

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Bought the gardening ones for my folks last Christmas – they are keen gardeners living not far from Exmoor, so these are ideal and a great price too!

Bethan Turner
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They're here - many many thanks for your generous hearted action - we'll definitely let you have some photos.

A warm handed customer
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Thank you for the gloves – they fit perfectly. The weather here in France has just turned chilly so they will come into their own.

A happy customer
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What an absolute star you are – you’ve just made me smile and I really appreciate the customer service.

A happy glove owner